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DARK ART TATTOO opened it's gates in 1992. The whole thing started when I decided to get a tattoo. I walked into a tattoo studio and I changed my mind right away, since I saw how it worked. I thought I could do the same. It seemed an interesting challenge to do art on people's skin. That time I was in Kyokushin karate and achieved second dan. In the first two years I did them parallel with each other, but soon I had to decide which one I should dedicate myself to. I knew that I could be the best only if I did one thing with full blast. After all I chose tattooing. I was working for three months in a tattoo studio called Shadows. I didn't really like that name, so I wrote "Dark Art" everywhere. Since I wasn't satisfied with the mood of Shadows, I saved some money and opened my own studio called Dark Art Tattoo. It was 17 years ago.

A lot has happened during the past years, and the studio has changed a lot too. Several real talents showed up here, for example Adrián Kupcsik, András Galler (Indian), Adrienn Kiss, László Kelemen, Andor Szele, Attila Bóna, György Benedek etc.
My friend Ödi (László Ördögh) was working here from the beginning, unfortunately he passed away in 2007. Rest in peace. The first 5 years went by in total darkness as everybody was their own teacher and today I think we were on the wrong path. Of course, it has changed. At the beginning we considered foreign tattoo magazines Bibles, wondering how the big artists used their bright colors, their difficult shapes and why their works looked so real. Nowdays in these magazines the name Dark Art occures regulary. I believe that we contributed to raising tattoo to an artistic level.


Zsolt Sárközi will represent our studio in London this year. For more infos please check the official site of the London Tattoo Convention: www.thelondontattooconvention.com

We are going to the Krakow Tattoofest this weekend (june 8-9). Just feel free to visit us if you are in Karkow! the website of the event: www.tattoofest.pl

Our studio


1067 Budapest, Teréz krt. 35.

+36 1 332 3707

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