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I am Zsolt Sárközi, the founder of Dark Art Studio. I was first introduced to the art of tattoo in the 1990’s, right after the downfall of the communist system.

In 1992, I opened my very first tattoo studio with earl István Szecsődi. Then a few weeks later András Galler and Ferenc Pötörke have joined us, making the team complete.

At the time, the demand and the requirement for tattoos were a bit different. The equipments and the requisitions were all simple, but we kept trying to improve for the best.

András Galler must be on of the most creative people i've ever had a luck to work, even encounter with. Since we had no photoshop or internet back then, we had to solely depend on our creativity to build our empire from nothing. We motivated, boosted and developed each other and our respective skills throughout those wonderful years. Little did we know at the time that we were forming the basics of Hungarian tattoo art and even invented the "hungarian style" if you will.

In the following years, we've dealt with numerous talented people in a selfless manner, without any financial gain. A lot of respected tattoo artists were trained in Dark art and then started working individually. Like the birds leave their loving nest to make one for their own. And this process still remains to this day.

Our team has 9 members now, and we're still aiming for the best of the best.

I have always believed that the tattoo art should be one of the most ancient forms of expressing ourselves, not a way to mock someone or some others. We've worked and created day by day under this belief.

If you want the best, come visit us.


In 2018, the founder of our studio, Zsolt Sárközi, responded to the chaotic situation of the domestic tattooing profession by coming up with an initiative that can provide a health and other professional guarantee and a point of orientation for those who want to get a tattoo, who do not or have difficulty navigating this increasingly large and in a more opaque sector. To this end, he brought together the two professional organizations, the TSZÉE and the MTSZ, and with their cooperation and support, the Certified Tattooist certificate was created, which is awarded based on the judgment of a jury of recognized artists both at home and abroad. This is the only domestic certificate that guarantees that certified tattoo artists are able to provide professional and health protection to those who turn to them. If you want a good tattoo, look for professionals with a certified tattoo certificate! You will definitely find them in our studio! 

Zsolt Sárközi will represent our studio in London this year. For more infos please check the official site of the London Tattoo Convention: www.thelondontattooconvention.com

We are going to the Krakow Tattoofest this weekend (june 8-9). Just feel free to visit us if you are in Karkow! the website of the event: www.tattoofest.pl

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